Hello everyone…

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous start into the new week!

Let me start off my first post by thanking lovely Lena for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Lene fashionista. I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing yet, but I hope I’ll be able to grow and learn from this experience. I’m quite optimistic, though!

I’ll be writing about people, places, things and thoughts. Anything that catches my eye or moves me.

Alright, shall we? I think we shall.

Let’s say you move to a new city. You haven’t met many people yet and all you know, basically, is your way to work/Uni and how to get to your local grocery store. Now, what would you do to get to know the new city you live in? What would you do to meet people? What would you do to keep yourself busy? Some of you might have been there, done that already. Maybe multiple times, even. Some of you might be at that stage in your life right now and  some of you might not have been there at all yet.

Whatever it might be, I would like to hear all of your ideas and thoughts. I can’t wait for your replies!

2 Responses to “Hello everyone…”
  1. gossenfeuilleton says:

    Been there. I’m afraid it didn’t work that well for me. The conclusion that I brought home with me after two months in a foreign city is that next time I would make sure that I went to local group meetings right from the first week. Be it sports groups, expat communities or whatever matches my interests. Don’t be shy, mingle with the locals and thereby make friends. It’s the best way to make you feel at home. Wherever you are.

    • lfashionista says:

      hello gossenfeuilleton! thank you so much for your lovely comment, i appreciate it! plus, i took your advise and signed up for a class at the local VHS. so excited! thanks again.

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