Lina Wolter – Fashion Designer and Stylist

My dear friend Lina is a very talented and wonderful fashion designer and stylist from Bielefeld, Germany.

Lina is 26 years of age and will soon graduate as a fashion designer from the University of Bielefeld. Her designs are provocative as she likes to experiment with nudity. In addition, she is inspired by people, colours and various objectives. “Every experience adds to my development as a designer and inspires me incredibly”, she says.

She also says she wants to be recognized among other designers; she wants to stand out of the crowd. This is why she often changes her direction, likes to be provocative with her designs and experiments in different areas continuously.

I put together some visuals, to give you an idea of her excellent work as a designer, stylist and of course artist.


Working as a stylist.

Experimenting with nudity.


If you are interested in working with Lina, would like to talk to her about her experiences as a designer or have general questions, please feel free to contact her under

2 Responses to “Lina Wolter – Fashion Designer and Stylist”
  1. jaime says:

    Love the blog. And i love love LOVE that coral cardigan. she is very very talented. I would love to see more 🙂

    xx. jaime

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