My dear blonde friends…

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… I can´t tell you how much I love this blonde spray and it really works so well. I am naturally blonde but as probably many of you I like to have my hair a nuance lighter. Before I discovered this `magic`spray I used to run to the hair dresser every 2-3 months to refresh the blonde highlights and to get rid of the upcoming hairline. It costs a fortune, takes up so much time and it still doesn´t look right somehow. Today, I am satisfied with my hair like I never was before. It is shiny, has the perfect blonde nuance for my taste and the most important part for me, it looks naturally.

The Body Shop…

…don´t we just all love The Body Shop? It is like Lush, a wonderful temptation. This is my favorite body lotion, it smells like nuts, I love it.

Rereading the Lauren Conrad series..

…it´s a good change to the heavy uni books. I just love to read about her story, accompanied by great fashion, cute guys and a little bit of gossip!

My own personal casket…

And finally, my song of the day..


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