Lace, can you ever have enough?

… of course it is Zara. I bought it in Berlin, while I was volunteering at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. You may wonder why my last pieces are all from Zara, that´s simply because I moved for studies to Australia about two weeks ago and unfortunately they don´t have a Zara store here in Brisbane.



Can´t stop looking at my souveniers from the Fashion Week. Miss the great times and just being surrounded by so many wonderful, creative and fashion fascinated people!



What do you think about this song? I absolutely love it. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspire me..


3 Responses to “Lace, can you ever have enough?”
  1. Martaaa says:

    wow, you must have had such great time while volunteering at the fashion week! that must have been amazing experience:)
    I love that dress which you posted:) it’s difficult to get tired of lace, though I remember that at first I wasn’t very convinced to it… but now, I know what you mean;) the song is also very nice:)

    An Interesting Distraction

  2. No, you can definitely not have too much lace. once wore lace shorts with a lace shirt and some other layers. I can’t find the exact post, but it was fabulous.

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