The Rocks – a wonderful market in a beautiful location

The weekend markets at the Rocks open from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. With it´s beautiful location right at the Sydney harbour and a wonderful range of items it is a fascinating spot for weekend undertakings.

Sydney Habour Bridge


The famous Opera House


Surrounded by little cute cafés and restaurants the markets offer a place to relax and enjoy the day with a nice cup of coffee.


Finally, my favourite part about the markets is the versatile range of goods. Unique dresses, bags and jewellery can be found in a charming location. Other stalls offer fresh food or a self-made lemonade to refresh the day. I just loved to stroll along the markets on a wonderful sunny day and have a look at all those pretty things the markets have to offer.

4 Responses to “The Rocks – a wonderful market in a beautiful location”
  1. I can’t believe your weekend stroll is through Sydney! I live in Minnesota, which most people don’t even know exists…lucky girl!

  2. lfashionista says:

    Unfortunately I don´t live in Sydney, I was just there for a holiday, I am living in Brisbane at the moment, but I am originally from Germany 🙂

    And I have have heard of Minnesota :-))

  3. fräuleinL says:

    haha! love it, lenchen!!! und das foto von dem kleinen, süßen piepmatz. hach, du fehlst mir!

  4. lfashionista says:

    caro!!!! und du mir erst 😦 ❤

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