MANGO – an elegant temptation

The international fashion house MNG stands for elegant, feminine and fashionable designs.

Whenever I enter a MNG store, I am fascinated by the elegance the whole store reflects. Not only the fashion itself, but also the designs of the locations and the always beautiful and well-organized garments improve the shopping experience remarkably.

Additionally, MNG guarantees high quality for reasonable prices.

Back in 1984 MNG was founded by Isac Andic and the first stores were opened in Spain. Today the concern owns more than 1700 stores in over 100 countries around the globe. Surprising is the late introduction of men´s fashion in 2008.

Since 2000 MNG also runs an online store ( which increases in popularity continuously.

Stars like Penélope and Monica Cruz or Scarlett Johansson are faces of major MNG campaigns and are associated with the brand.

MANGO has proven stability and growth in success over the years and I am sure it will remain to be one of the worlds leading fashion houses.


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