´The Beauty of Attraction´

How do we attract others, what contributes to attractiveness and what exactly does attraction mean anyway?

Is it a synonym for beauty or rather the prospect of character and charisma?

To my knowledge there has to be a division into two different areas. One is obviously the physical attraction and the other, probably more significant one is the internal attraction, the revealing of character and charisma. Interesting is furthermore the  dramatic impact both attractions have on each other. Self-confident people who are satisfied with their appearance are automatically self-assured in many areas. On the contrary a person who feels strong and is happy simultaneously appears more beautiful on the outside and attracts others remarkably. The key here is to love oneself.

I always like to refer to the quote from Mary Kate Ashe “While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence – which, I believe, does make the woman.”  The thought of fashion as a superficial object is a debatable issue, but it is undisputed a unique tool of high value with the possibility to create the impression of beauty and concurrently emphasize what mother nature gave us. Moreover it reflects who we are and represents our personality in various  ways. We are versatile and so is fashion.

In conclusion, fashion is able to increase the impression of our individual beauty which contributes to a higher self-esteem. It occurs like a chain reaction.

Of course there are several ways of attraction and every individual is attracted by different things, but as you can see inner and physical beauty stay in a close relationship and strengthen each other permanently.

Important is to emphasize what we are given and concurrently staying naturally. Being oneself, represent oneself and love oneself is the key to attraction.


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