ZARA opens it´s first australian store in Sydney

Zara is one of the worlds leading retail stores and has experienced an immense increase in popularity and success in former years. Especially in Europe it is spread extensively, only in the Southern Hemisphere it wasn´t introduced yet, until now.

Zara opened it´s doors in Sydney last week on the 20th of April. 13 000 fashion lovers were counted entering the shop on the opening day and were experiencing the fabulous designs of the billion dollar company Zara. On three floors with a total size of 1400 square meters it´s Woman, Man and Kid´s Autumn-Winter collection was showcased.  The garments were especially designed for the australian customer in consideration of taste differences between the various nations.

Nevertheless a share of items will be inspired by european and in particular spanish designers which will as a result allow Australians to be part of the european fashion market, too.

To provide you with some background information I would like to illustrate in which ways Zara differs from usual fashion houses.

Since everything started back in 1975 in Galicia and Zara was founded by Amanico Ortega and Rosalía Mera the fashion concern stands for promptness in designing, a frequent exchange of items and an orientation on customer´s needs rather than focusing on new trends presented through magazines or on catwalks.

To give numbers Zara needs only two weeks to develop a new product and get it into stores, in contrast to the six-months industry average. In addition to that it launches approximately 10 000 new garments every year. Interesting is furthermore the general renunciation of advertisement and the opening of new stores and a resist of a production in low-cost countries instead.

Zara guarantees good quality, reasonable prices and provides probably the most versatile range of designs.


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