Some things stay gold, forever…

Some things stay gold, forever…


a great opportunity to wear your favourite pieces all together. I love to layer a mix of jewels on my arm, particularly when they have special meanings, like friendship bracelets. I also got a bracelet from each place I have been to on my travels and they serve as a wonderful reminder.

Sometimes less is more… 

layering various bracelets creates a casual look, if you are going out and your wardrobe is elegant and chic, you should choose one delicate piece of jewellery, it forms a much more feminine overall impression

Layering necklaces…

layering necklaces is just as pretty as layering bracelets, I absolutely love it. Important here is to have necklaces of different lengths. Another advise is to start with a small pendant then expand the sizes as you go down. I wouldn´t wear more than three at the same time, otherwise it gets too much.


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