A dream of lace….

I found this beautiful white lace dress in a gorgeous little asian fashion boutique in Auckland. It was located on the main shopping road Queenstreet, in a little mall. Unfortunately I can´t remember the excact name, but the owner was a young asian woman. She chooses her garments from different designers, every piece is unique and only once in stock. I will never forget all the wonderful chosen items she had in her little cute boutique, each garment was so feminine and special.

As you can see the dress is very detailed in it´s design and has many different lace patterns. I especially love the embroidery right at the bottom.

You can wear it in many different ways and therefore to various occasions. The key here is to dress it up or dress it down with suitable accessoires like tights, heels, cardigans or jewellery.

What is better than lace?

Right. Lace combined with lace…

I love to wear the dress with lace tights, mainly for evenings out. The dress itself is really feminine and cute, the black lace tights are more provocative and add a sexy note. You can either wear black ballerinas, boots or of course heels with it.

If you want to wear the dress as a day outfit, you can wear it plain with some ballerinas or boots for example. Otherwise a natural coloured oversized cardigan goes great with it.

Another beautiful way of wearing it as a day and summer outfit is with a nice big hat like the one below.

The red lipstick is Rouge Coco 21 Rivoli from Chanel. Since my friend Carolin recommended it to me I absolutely love it and found the perfect tone for myself. Especially as a light and blonde type it feels like a never ending story searching for the right tone of colour. This is the perfect colour my blonde friends, I promise. But to all brunettes, I am sure it looks wonderful with dark hair too !


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