My newest acquisitions

First of all, I would like to introduce you to my love affair with accessories and especially golden jewellery. I can´t tell when my particular liking for golden jewellery started, or what it is, that makes it so attractive to me. Maybe it is just the old-fashioned association with gold and it´s  rarity and value, but everything golden lets my heart beat faster and activates a voice in my head saying “I really want this!”.

Oversized ring with a turquoise stone and golden frame.

I love oversized rings in general and the turquoise stone is a perfect way of adding some fresh colour to your outfit. If you would have a look into my wardrobe, you would realize that I rarely wear colour, especially because I am blond and for some reason I don´t feel comfortable with adding much colour to my outfits. Nevertheless, I like to update my look with some little colourful accessories, primarily jewellery.

Golden ring adorned with flourishes.

Golden bracelet in leaf appearance.

All three pieces fit perfectly together and form a brilliant whole.

Grey feather necklace with a golden warp. This necklace is a great eye-catcher and a good solution for updating a simple plain shirt, or blouse. I like to wear it with the white shirt I posted earlier, the one with the embroidery at the back. Even if the back of the blouse looks really special, the front design is pretty simple. That´s why I use this conspicuous necklace to support the front part of the blouse.

White lace shirt. Since I bought it a couple of weeks ago I wear it non-stop. You can just throw a plain white top under it and you will have a very pretty outfit for the day. It looks really cute and special. I wear it in a combination with jeans and also skirts and shorts. If you wear it with a skirt, tuck in the white top , but leave the shirt out, it forms a lovely look.

2 Responses to “My newest acquisitions”
  1. Deb says:

    HI! Where did you find that gorgeous turquoise ring, PLEASE!! I am searching, too! Thanks

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