Swedish Fashion Blogger designs for H&M

Picture via knighttcat.com

The swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling was creative for the swedish fashion giant H&M. Inspired by her own personal style, she designed 11 pieces for their new  collection, which is set to launch on February 3.

Unfortunately these pieces will only be available in swedish stores, but why not picking beautiful Sweden as our next holiday destination? Sweden is responsable for two of the biggest and most famous concerns in the world, IKEA and of course Hennes & Mauritz.

Elin is only 25 years old, but counts already as Sweden´s leading fashion blogger. Her previous fashion career includes the foundation of her own fashion blog elinkling.net, as well as minoutfit.se, editoring for the Expressen tabloid, designing for H&M and further activities in the fashion scene.

In an interview the blogger says working with H&M was “unbelievably flattering.”

Besides, 10 percent of the income are going to UNICEF.

Kling is meant to be the first fashion blogger creating a collection for a high-street brand like H&M and is only one example for the increasing meaning and impact fashion bloggers have in the fashion industry today.


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