Photo courtesy Giltgroupe.com’s UnRacked, via LA-Story.com



The New York Times calls her as one of the top american fashion designers and according to The Time Magazine she is number eight under The  Fashion’s 50 most powerful people in the world.

Diane von Furstenberg herself describes her clothes as comfortable and flexible. She wants women to feel more confident. And in her opinion the key factor to feel confident  is being comfortable with the clothes you are wearing.

Today she owns 60 boutiques world wide, just brought out her autumn/winter collection, is redesigning a series of rooms for Claridge’s and is even bringing out her own home wares collection next year. But she is not only known in the fashion industry, she also has been associated with community and global minded initiatives since a long time now. In addition to that she was elected to be the new president of The Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2006 and she became member of a women’s leadership organization called Vital Voices.

It all began with her breakthrough in 1973 when she launched the hugging wrap dress. Later in 1976 she was selling 1500 dresses a week. But in 1983, after a damaging period, she suddenly sold her company. Nearly 15 years later in 1997 she relaunched her brand and became a second time successful. This time her collection was different, the designs were shorter and sexier and she also reached the younger generation.

DvF is 63 years old today and married to Barry Diller. Traveling is a big part of her life and an important source of inspiration. She is very close to her son Alexandre and daughter Tatiana.

Women around the globe are fascinated with her designs and stars like Jessica Alba or Madonna are wearing her clothes. The collections embrace a various range of goods, including swimwear, cosmetics, fragrance, jewelry, shoes, handbags, rugs and luggage.

Although von Furstenberg’s fashion career had a low in 1983 she is even more successful today, counts as one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry and inspires the whole world with her glorious fashion.


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