Show off your back

I found this gorgeous shirt yesterday while I was making my way through all the sales after Christmas. Shopping right after Christmas is a must, but also a torture sometimes. The cities are incredibly packed and everybody either wants to spend their giftcards and money or change their presents, every year the same procedure. But you can find real bargains and it´s already a kind of tradition. So don´t forget to have a little look, it´s worth it, I promise.

This shirt is an excellent eye -catcher and really flattering. I love the embroidery between the shoulders and of course the open parts around the shoulder bones. Furthermore the over long back part stretches the whole body and leads to a much slimmer shape. Like Lauren Conrad says in her Style Guide ” The goal here is to reflect the idea of a perfect body, not actually possess it! ” It follows that the silky fabric and loose cut perfectly fall down and adjust to your body.

I personally think the shoulder bones are a very delicate and feminine point of our figures and are rarely shown, which is a pity. Owing to the embroidery between the shoulders and the otherwise covered back, the blouse especially plays up this marvellous part of your body.

A further advantage is the coverage of other parts of your body, you might don´t want to show. Everybody has personally body issues, which are in my case the upper  arms. Apparently this is the ideal top for me.

Here is the front of the top, simple, but still nice and smart and a good addition to the extravagant back design.

Now you are probably wondering want to wear under it, because the fabric is pretty transparent, right?

Black looks very great with it, but also a matching nude tone forms a nice overall picture. I wouldn´t wear a `spaghetti`top underneath, because that would ruine the whole look of the beautiful back. That means you can either wear a long black or nude toned strapless top with it.  Some people would wear it with just a bandeau bra, which is kind of flattering, but for my taste a bit too provocative.


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