Fashion Bloggers

They are not just writing about fashion, they are passionate with what they´re doing. Fashion is their daily companion and consequently a big part of their lives. Apart from the fact that they are spending their working hours analysing trends, the newest collections and various other topics around fashion, they occupy themselves with organising their own wardrobes.

They have to be fast, always creative, in touch with the current market and of course they need an experienced eye for fashion. But the most important thing is that they love what they are doing.

Many bloggers are already working in the fashion scene and have an extensive knowledge about fashion. In addition to that they are able to show their workplaces and give you therefore an insight behind fashion magazines, TV Shows, famous blogs and other interesting places where fashion happens. But there are people with different backrounds ,too. For example young faces who are experiencing their first steps in the world of fashion. Fulfilled with new and fresh ideas, a lot of motivation and a heart full of dreams they live up their passion while they´re visiting the university to become once a professional.

I regularly visit many different fashion blogs and I must say there is a great number of talented and interesting bloggers out there and they all have their own personal style and a fantastic taste of fashion. If you are working in the fashion scene, too or if you are just visiting them for private purposes, you´ll get a lot of inspiration and good advices.

However, I felt like introducing some of the fashion blogs and a few of the editors in chief.


(Emily Schuman)




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