“Style” by Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad´s style guide is on the market since a few weeks now. It is filled with various tips and tricks about fashion, advices from her make-up artists, hair suggestions for different occasions and several other assistances around your wardrobe. Additionally, you will find appropriate pictures, which give you a visual idea and will lead to even more inspiration in terms of finding your own personal style.

After a lovely introduction about her early fascination of fashion Lauren talks about the key pieces for a complete wardrobe, but as she says “…,the thing about basics is they don´t have to be basic at all. Each one should suit your personal style.”. Some of those essentials she mentions are black heels, the little black dress and denim jeans.

Chapter three is called “The Hunt”. Avoiding impulse purchases, the right places to look for, finding good sales and other helpful tips for a successful fashion expedition are described.

Of course there is a whole chapter of accessories and jewelry, too. Accessories are probably the most important essential of every fashionista´s wardrobe when it comes to dress up your look and add a personal note. Moreover, they can change your whole look and ” you´d find that accessories of all types are any girl´s favourite thing to shop for : Besides being beautiful objects, there´s no pre-dressing-room anxiety about whether they´re going to fit and you don´t have to strip down to try them on.”

One of the parts I really like and appreciate  is chapter six, “Getting Dressed”.  You can easily buy all the newest trendy pieces, but the difficult thing is to get an eye of combining them the right way.  First you have fo find out what suits your body the best, how to show off your legs, shoulders or waist. Secondly you need to know which colours, shapes and patterns work together, which don´t. This strategy guide will lead you trough all these difficulties and will help you to play up the attractive parts of your body.

“One little black dress, fives ways. Here´s an example of how one dress can be worn many ways-  and how much accessories can influence your look.”

After an intensive analysis of fashion you´ll be introduced to the fabulous world of make-up. Conrad´s personal make-up artist  Amy Nadine Rosenberg will give you an insight of her best tricks, presents a daytime and nighttime look and reveals why Lauren is averse of eye shadow.

Certainly, there is a section about hair, too.  Here you will learn about special occasion hair, how to make your hair work for you, or how to master the perfect waves. But there is one specific statement I really support. Lauren says in her introduction of chapter eight ” Sure, there have been times when I´ve desperately wanted a different look. But much like your figure, it´s best to play up what you already have than try to override what nature gave you.” .

If you want to look naturally beautiful you need to stay by your natural tone of hair colour. You can always refresh your natural blond with a few highlights, or darken your brunette tone a nuance, but never change the whole colour. It just doesn´t look right and as hard as you try, it´ll never look naturally. Your hair colour matches with the rest of your body perfectly, like  your skin colour, or your eye brows and you shouldn´t disturb this harmony.

What to wear to events and parties? I am pretty sure that´s every girl´s most common questions or rather problem.  If you are going to a wedding, a prom, a cocktailparty, or a special event, Lauren tells you about her experiences and lets you know which look is suitable for which occasion.

I really enjoyed reading this style guide and I´ve learned a lot for myself. I spy insight all the time and if you are a fan of Lauren´s style, this book is a good investment.

The whole book is clearly represented and created with much love and passion.

This was just a little insight and there are lots of other wise and useful suggestions. I am sure you gonna love it, too!


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