IDENTITY – An International Affair

Brisbane´s best known Fashion Event  “Identity”, which takes place five times a year,  happend last friday at Stephens Lane (Treasury Casino & Hotel).

Amongst other famous international brands, Hugo Boss, Tiffany & Co, Maryan Mehlhorn, or Frock Shop presented their collections. From 8 Pm till 8.30PM the Runway Show was on and the designers best pieces were introduced on the catwalk.

When I arrived at Stephens Lane the first fashionistas were already waiting for the event to begin. After a few glimpses around I spotted some really beautiful dresses, fabulous high heels and in general really interesting and well dressed people. Since I made my way through the crowd, the bubbles were flowing and the chatting started. Everybody was glancing around the place willing to make new contacts and have some nice conversations. As soon as the 30 minutes were passed by, everyone walked over to the catwalk and took their seats. The first thing catching my eye was a big black paper giftbag waiting for me on my seat. I had to struggle not to spy inside before the show had finished. In the end, it wasn´t that exciting what I found in there. Well, never mind.

Shortly thereafter the first models appeared in quite colourful dresses. Gaudy colours mixed with funky shapes was the motto. It might be fun to watch, but actually not what I would wear in real life.

Suddenly the outfits changed to elegant, chic, vintage, going out dresses. Frock Shop designers like Elizabeth and James were presenting their collections. Plain but classy colours, silky and glittering fabrics. Fantastic dresses for the coming Christmas parties and an unforgettabble New Year´s Eve.

Meanwhile the meanswaer showed up in colourful floral printed shorts and shirts. Casual, but stylish outfits for a nice summer day.

Tiffany & Co attracted attention with their lightly dressed models to present their jewellery and accessories.

The last part of the show was filled with evening out dresses , both casual and chic meanswear, as well as women´s swimwear.

The show came to an end when  all  involved models presented the recently worn pieces together. Surrounded by applause and inspired faces they made their last steps on the runway.

Satisfied, but surprised how quickly the whole sepctacle was over I went back to where everything had started that night. Follwing the other visitors I found myself encircled by bubbles and gourmet nibbles a second time. I had some nice conversations, met interesting people and really enjoyed the glamorous flair of the whole event.

I am already looking forward to the next fashion occasion. Hope to see you there !

Here are some pictures I´ve made  to give you an impression of the evening.


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