The magical effect of thights and how they influence your look

Tights are the key to an ideal outfit and can lead to a whole new and different look.

Of course there are practical reasons too, but they are one of the best accessoires you can use to upgrade your style.   Furthermore there are plenty of different designs, with lots of different impacts.

However, I´ll  list all the various kinds here and will explain each advantage, what they cause in which way and their magical influence on your wardrobe.

* Skin Colour Tights

Obviously, they are meant to let your skin appear nicely,shiny and potentially tanned. They are generally worn with dresses or skirts for special events or nights out, otherwise you won´t squeeze yourself into something so tight and not really comfortable, right?

*Black Tights

They are classy and chic and probably the most worn tights of all. In comparison to the Skin Colour Thights they are opaque and therefore a good way to let a short dress or skirt look less provocatively. That is the reason why they are perfect for your work wardrobe, too. In addition to that it is just a nice way to add some colour and upgrade your look.

*Lace Tights

They probably have the opposite effect than black tights have. Lace is always a little bit provocative but definitely sexy. Are you waering a simple, maybe boring dress and want to add an eye-catcher? In this case lace tights are the perfect choice. Black ones go great with a black simple dress for example. But make sure the dress is really simple, otherwise it´ll be too much and in the end you´ll either  look weird or rediculous instead.

*Colourful Tights

Want to add some colour? Great! If you like pretty gaudy colours like an intensive red or blue or prefer pastel tones like a light turqouise or rose, the choice is up to you ! They are a nice way to give your wardrobe colour, without exaggerating it. The other pieces should have natural colours instead or choose only another accessory like a bag, which matches the tights.


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