Jonathan Simkhai – One of the top new breakout designers!

Jonathan Simkhai is only 25 years old, but already famous for his fashion desgins and called as one of the top breakout designers.

Fashion magazines like Elle or Glamour and all the fashion blogs are writing about him and introducing his style.

He grew up in New York and fell in love with fashion at the age of 14, while he was working in a clothing store.  Today he is a fashion designer for women clothes and launched his menswear-inspired label one year ago. He designs for the modern, cosmopolitan woman and says in an interview with ELLE “I design for the girls that´s willing to take a risk with untraditional, androgynous pairings. I find something unbelievably and effortlessly sexy about a girl in good menswear”.  Simkhai´s pieces are classic, but have a sexy and feminine touch.

He gets his inspiration from Ralph Lauren and Rick Owens.

I am personally really into  the “boyfriend” fashion right now, like the oversized trousers and blazers. So it gives me a more confident feeling about wearing those pieces, now that I know there are even pretty attractive men out there who find this style sexy and actually design them.

Have a look at his website and check out his new Spring/Summer collection.


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