Why “Boyfriend Trousers” are one of my favourite trends right now!

“Boyfriends” or actually the most men might think they´re not sexy and flattering, but do we really care about what men say, when we are talking about the newest fashion?

I just love them, the look, the way they form your body, the huge range of different designs and they feel so incredible comfortable!

You can just throw them on if you want to get some food, meet a friend at home, or if you are relaxing by yourself .  But you can wear them for evenings out, too and they can look really glamorous. Everything depends on how you combine your look and which accessoiries you add. Pair them with fancy heels, a chic handbag and a nice top, shirt or blouse.  Tuck the top into the trousers and your legs will look amazingly long!

And the great side effect is, you don´t have to worry about your legs and if they either look too big in that dress, or too pale. So if the day is there on which you don´t feel  comfortable wearing a short dress, or skirt, choose your “boyfriend trousers”. You will still look gorgeous and dressed up, but with a good, comfortable feeling! And that´s the most important part if you want to have an awesome night out, right?

Here are some of my favourite combinations!


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