Lauren Conrad´s last novel of the L.A. Candy trilogy “Sugar and Spice” and her style guide “Lauren Conrad Style” are due for release today!

Reality Tv Star Lauren Conrad published her last novel of the L.A. Candy trilogy today, just as well as her style guide “Lauren Conrad Style”. Are  you one of those thousands fans, who enjoyed reading her books “L.A. Candy” and  “Sweet Little Lies” and adore her style like me? Then, I am pretty sure these books are worth buying!

Once you have started reading, you won´t be able to stop. One drama leads to another. The life of the main character Jane is based on Lauren Conrad´s own experiences as a Reality Tv Star. The pros and cons of living a public life are described. These novels will enable the reader to have a closer look behind the szenes of a reality show.

In “Lauren Conrad Style” she talks about experiences in the fashion industry and her knowledge about fashion. She will give you tips and describes the “Lauren Conrad Style”

Fashion icon Lauren will be available for book signings all around the U.S.. For locations and dates go on


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